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Materials Supply Chain Management

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Dredging Transportation Loading Discharging
  • Crane barge capacity est. 125MT/hr
  • Grab size around 4-6cbm per grab
  • Transfer barge capacity between 700-1,000MT
  • Crane capacity est. 250MT/hr/crane
  • Grab size to be around 12-15cbm per grab
  • Crane capacity est 250MT/hr/crane
  • Grab size to be around 12-15cbm per grab
  • 5 crane barges
  • Output 625MT/hr
  • Est 15,000MT/day
  • 20 transfer barges
  • Capacity ard 16,000MT/day
  • 1 bulk carrier
  • 4 cranes/grabs
  • Capacity ard 1,000MT/hr
  • 1 bulk carrier
  • 4 cranes/grabs
  • Capacity ard 1,000MT/hr


Dredging Transportation Discharging
  • 15,000MT per day
  • Speed at 12 knots
    • 15,000 MT per day
    5 days
    2.5 days
    5 days


    Dredging will be done via clamshell grabs hoisted by crane barges and loaded onto the transfer barges.

    D1 Transfer barges shall travel along the river to the river mouth to standby for bulk carriers to arrive.

    Sand shall be stockpiled onto the transfer barges prior to the arrival of the bulk carriers to reduce the waiting time during loading.



    Our experience in Ship Operations allows us to manage a whole fleet of bulkers for transportation, maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.



    Once bulk carriers have safely anchored in the anchorage, the transfer barges shall proceed to go alongside the bulk carrier for loading operations.

    L1 Loading is done using the ship’s gears and grabs, grabbing directly from the transfer barges to the bulk vessel’s cargo holds.

    Once loading is completed, draft survey shall be done to determine the amount of cargo on board. Vessel shall depart once departure formalities are completed.



    Vessels shall discharge into self-propelled conveyor barges or any other suitable vessels to transship into the discharging area.

    Transship vessels shall proceed to the position allocated for the dumping.

    Once in position, dumping from transship vessels commences.
    Upon completion, transship vessels shall return to bulk carrier for next loading cycle.